Thursday, 1 April 2010

City of Flowers - Mary Hoffman

Sky is a normal teenage boy-well, if you class having a rock-star for a Dad and a Mum with M.E. as normal. But then Sky's life gets even more obscure, as he discovers he is a Stravaganzate, a person who, with the help of a tailsman, can travel in time and space. Sky's tailsman will only ever take him to one place though, 16th century Italy, known as Talia. He meets several people there that he is familiar with there, and makes some new friends, not only in Talia, but his normal day to day life as well. He has discovered, that like all the other Stravaganzates, he has a special purpose. and that is why he was "chosen" to go to Talia. This is another gripping read from Mary Hoffman in the Stavaganza series, just as thrilling as the rest! 9.7/10!

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