Saturday, 3 April 2010

City of Secrets - Mary Hoffman

On Matt's 17th birthday, he receives a £20 book token from his Aunt Eva, the same as he does every year. As he is dyslexic, he doesn't have anything to spend it on. But one afternoon on the way home from school, he passes an old shop and feels that he should walk inside. Before he knows it, he has swapped his book token for an old battered book from 400 years ago. As he falls asleep that night with the book in his hands Matt is transported to another world...
City of Secrets is another fantastic story from the Stavaganza sequence. It is full of curses and trickery and is very gripping. It had me on the of my seat all the way through. It is complete with surprises, twist and turns. Well done Mary Hoffman, you've made another GREAT book again! 9.8/10!

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