Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ice by Sarah Beth Hurst

Ice tells the story of a girl, Cassie, who makes a large bargain to save her mother. She often questions herself about whether she should have done this to save a woman she doesn't even know. As time passes, she knows that she must choose one life she wants to live and stay with that decision although she fears she has made the wrong one.
Cassie travels through sea and forest in extreme temperatures and conditions, and to the end of the world - and beyond - in an attempt to save the one person in the world she truly loves. In the end she must make the choice between her love or her family - neither of which you could describe as ...ordinary.
I found this an unfaultable read. The characters' feelings are shown very well and the reader almost feels like a part of the plot, especially when Cassie is frustrated.
An amazing read full of magic and adventure and I really hope there will be a sequel!

Saturday, 24 April 2010

Gadget Show - TV Series - Five

This is a show basically all about gadgets and technology with loads of great prizes in their prize draws. They review the latest gadgets and find the top five in a specific category, which could be anything-from kettles to gadget filled cars! Every show they have competitions within the presenters to find the person who can build the best skateboard, music video or even who can survive best in the wild! Sometimes they test gadgets against the professionals, to see if you can be better than them if you use the right tech. I find it very good and funny when they test things to destruction! 10/10!!!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

The Prisoner - TV Series - ITV

This is a very good series, and I wish had seen the previous ones! So far, it seem to be about a man stuck in a village and no-one believes he can get back to America, although no-one has even heard of America. He believes that he is kept prisoner but doesn't yet know why. There have been other people who have believed they are trapped as he is, but all of those are dead now, either getting killed whilst trying to escape or killed otherwise. He has no leads or ideas on how to get away and back home again but he knows that if he doesn't try to get home, he will never return. I would give this 9/10!

Sunday, 18 April 2010

Outnumbered - TV series - BBC1

Hilarious! It is about a family - 3 children (2 boys, 1 girl), a Grandmother who is giving her family a lot of money, a dad that tries to act calm and a mum with a lot of spur-of-the-moment ideas. Currently, series three is being shown at 9.30 on Thursday nights. I think this is the best TV comedy out there at the moment but I don't think it would be as funny if they where real because I would definitely feel very sorry for the parents! I seem to find it more funny than my parents-maybe younger people find it funnier! A great watch for anyone over 12 I think! 10/10!!!

Saturday, 3 April 2010

City of Secrets - Mary Hoffman

On Matt's 17th birthday, he receives a £20 book token from his Aunt Eva, the same as he does every year. As he is dyslexic, he doesn't have anything to spend it on. But one afternoon on the way home from school, he passes an old shop and feels that he should walk inside. Before he knows it, he has swapped his book token for an old battered book from 400 years ago. As he falls asleep that night with the book in his hands Matt is transported to another world...
City of Secrets is another fantastic story from the Stavaganza sequence. It is full of curses and trickery and is very gripping. It had me on the of my seat all the way through. It is complete with surprises, twist and turns. Well done Mary Hoffman, you've made another GREAT book again! 9.8/10!

Thursday, 1 April 2010

City of Flowers - Mary Hoffman

Sky is a normal teenage boy-well, if you class having a rock-star for a Dad and a Mum with M.E. as normal. But then Sky's life gets even more obscure, as he discovers he is a Stravaganzate, a person who, with the help of a tailsman, can travel in time and space. Sky's tailsman will only ever take him to one place though, 16th century Italy, known as Talia. He meets several people there that he is familiar with there, and makes some new friends, not only in Talia, but his normal day to day life as well. He has discovered, that like all the other Stravaganzates, he has a special purpose. and that is why he was "chosen" to go to Talia. This is another gripping read from Mary Hoffman in the Stavaganza series, just as thrilling as the rest! 9.7/10!