Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Ice by Sarah Beth Hurst

Ice tells the story of a girl, Cassie, who makes a large bargain to save her mother. She often questions herself about whether she should have done this to save a woman she doesn't even know. As time passes, she knows that she must choose one life she wants to live and stay with that decision although she fears she has made the wrong one.
Cassie travels through sea and forest in extreme temperatures and conditions, and to the end of the world - and beyond - in an attempt to save the one person in the world she truly loves. In the end she must make the choice between her love or her family - neither of which you could describe as ...ordinary.
I found this an unfaultable read. The characters' feelings are shown very well and the reader almost feels like a part of the plot, especially when Cassie is frustrated.
An amazing read full of magic and adventure and I really hope there will be a sequel!

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