Saturday, 12 December 2009

Lirael - Garth Nix

This is the sequel to Sabriel, and it is even better. Lirael is a young girl, a Clayr without the Sight; the ability to See into the present and possible futures. The sight is the only true birthright of the Clayr, and Lirael has always felt left out without it. The book starts on Lirael's fourteenth birthday, when she is in the room in the Clayr's glacier where the guests eat their meals. A young man comes up to her and mistakes her for a visitor, because by the time a Daughter of the Clayr is 14, she normally has the sight. But Lirael is not a normal Clayr by any means. She does things that other Clayr wouldn't even dream of doing. Dangerous things, risking her life to save others. Not only can Lirael not See, she has never been Seen, except a very long time ago. But that all changes five years later on her nineteenth birthday, when she is told to go leave the Clayr's glacier forever... This is an adventure none of the other Clayr would go on, for Lirael is no ordinary Clayr. Lirael is much more. But wherever she goes, Lirael will always be a Daughter of the Clayr.
I thought that this book was better than Sabriel, and more enjoyable. I love the different characters that Garth Nix thinks up and the way he describes them. I would give this book 9.3 out of 10.

Sabriel - Garth Nix

This book is about magic - but not about the sort of Harry Potter magic, this is very different. It isn't all fun and games, it's really serious stuff, things that the whole of the world will suffer if something bad happens. And bad things do happen. I found the prologue quite depressing and confusing, but the first chapter seemed a lot more light-hearted and cheery. After a while though, the mood drops, and it becomes much more serious. I think I got to about chapter five and then didn't read any more for a couple of months. I then, out of desperation and lack of things to read, began to read it agian and really enjoyed it. It is fast-paced, dramatic and gripping. When I had finished Sabriel, I really wanted the second book, Lirael. An unusual thing about Sabriel is that the book has a very odd font, which doesn't really affect my review but I thought it strange at the time. It doesn't make it any harder to read, but I just felt like mentioning it. I would give this book 8.5 out of 10.

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

More News from Until Wishes are Fulfilled - Michael Alexander

This is a review written by my friend Lulu.

This is a real hidden gem of a book! From the start, it keeps you drawn in: I couldn't stop reading it! Michael Alexander describes everything so carefully and magically. It really makes you feel like you are there in the book - watching from the sidelines. The magician's set, which is the main focus in the book, makes the novel immensely amusing but also frightening at the same time! At first, I thought the book should be targeted at a younger age group because of the magical theme, but the language used and the sensitive issue with Holly's mother in a coma, easily extends the age group as far as 14. The book is fairly short, but I still got a lot out of it and it could even be the sort of book we would study at school because of the clear but creative descriptions in it. I found there was much more creative vocabulary in this book than those of huge children's author, Jacqueline Wilson! I feel this book has been really well thought out and has a clever, sad angle to it, even through some of the happy scenes which really captivates the reader! I would really like to read the next book in the "Until the Wishes are Fulfilled" series, and follow Alec's [sic] mysterious story! I give this book 9 out of 10!

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Jinx - TV Programme - Based on the "Lulu Baker Trilogy" By Fiona Dunbar

This is a very funny TV series and I find it very enjoyable. I wish I had my own magic cookbook like the main girl in this programme has! This is good for people (girls more than boys) around twelve years old. The main girl has a very funny fairy godmother and stepmother, both of which I would find very funny in real life! It is on Saturday and Sunday mornings at 10.30 on the CBBC channel and then the same two episodes are repeated on Tuesday and Wednesday at 16.00 on CBBC. I will edit this post if the times change and when the series finishes. 9.5********* out of 10**********!

Saturday, 7 November 2009

Hush Hush - Becca Fitzpatrick

This book is so good that I discovered that I don't have enough hours in the day to read really good books. I think that this book would be suited to people-maybe girls more than boys-from about twelve years onwards. I felt like I could really connect with and understand the lead characters feelings and emotions but at times I found it a little to scary and realistic for my liking. The author always keeps you guessing about which way the plot will turn and it is like her words paint a picture in my head. I would give this book 9********* out of 10**********.

Headmaster's Ghost - Sam Godwin

OK I have to be honest, this book if a VERY long way below my reading age, but I read it for a laugh! I think this book would be aimed at children about 6-7 years old or so, but I think it might be a little bit too scary for them. If this is supposed to be a school reading book, then it is much better than "Biff & Chip." Hmmmmm at my age 5***** out of 10**********.

A Series of Unfortunate Events - Lemony Snicket

These books are quite good even if they are aimed at younger children than me. One of the problems is that the author sometimes gives little parts of the plot away which can be very annoying at times. There are thirteen books in the series, each with thirteen chapters in. Sometimes the books get annoying, and occasionally I had to close the book and put it down so that I didn't throw it at something. Sometimes I find the books very boring as well, but if you are determined you might like them. I would give this 6***** out of 10*********.

Sunday, 1 November 2009

Until Wishes Are Fulfilled - Michael Alexander.

I think this book would be aimed at slightly younger children than me (10 years old or so), but I enjoyed it anyway. The storyline is great, about a real magicians set - I wish I had one! Michael describes the children's wishes very clearly - if fact so well that I felt like I was in the book. He clearly portrays the children's feelings so that the reader can understand and relate to the children. I must say that, even at my age, I thought the ending was very sad and upsetting, and it is clear that the child in the book thinks that too. 8.9/10

How I Live Now - by Meg Rosoff

This a really good book for teenage girls. Meg describes the scenes imaginatively through a teenagers eye written in a way that "us young people" understand. I found this a really enjoyable read as the story is written light-heartedly about a very serious matter. One of the downsides is that the first half of the book is written without speech marks, which does sometimes become a little bit confusing. I wish that there was a sequel to this book, as I would like to read more about the characters and how their lives go on. I would definitely recommend this to teenagers mostly, but some parents might like this too. 9.5/10

Sunday, 18 October 2009

Hotel For Dogs

I absolutely loved this film. This is a great film for animal lovers and particularly dog lovers. The main plot is about two children owning a dog and trying to find ways to feed it. But soon one dog becomes three, three becomes six and suddenly they find themselves with a hotel full of dogs. With the help from a few friends, will they be able to keep the dogs - and themselves - out of trouble and to somewhere safer than a run-down hotel before it's to late? Well - that's for me to know and you to find out! You'll laugh, young children may cry, but it is definitely a great film for all.

Thursday, 15 October 2009


I believe that G-Force is definitely the best film to come out so far this year. Not only is it about guinea-pigs is it also very funny and attention grabbing. It has you on the edge of the seat throughout because it is full of unexpected twists and turns. It would fit into a mixed animation adventure film genre, but as the main spies are guinea-pigs, there is the obvious comedy edge in there. Even if you are not a fan of guinea-pigs but a fan of adventure, I am certain that you will like this film anyway. The viewing experience is definitely enhanced if you go to see it in 3D, especially for guinea-pig lovers. Seeing guinea-pigs flying out of the screen is most certainly one of my favourite film moments so far. I loved this film and would recommend this film to people of all ages! Just because this film is aimed at children, it doesn’t mean you need to be a child to see it. I would happily encourage any adventure or comedy loving adult to go and see this film! If you’re looking for comedy, adventure or guinea-pigs, then this is, without doubt, the film for you.