Tuesday, 22 June 2010

Ironside - Holly Black

Tithe is a book about faeries, but not the soft sweet sort that sing you to sleep, these are the cruel, human hating kind who are much more mischievous! It is about a girl who is disguised as a girl living in someone's else's family, but under all her glamour, she is one of the faeries as well. She makes a reckless declaration to the fairy king, and is sent on an impossible quest to do something that has never even been heard of - find a fairy that can tell a lie.
And faeries never tell lies. Not just won't, but can't.
So she is thrown into a desperate struggle to find something that doesn't even exist, but she also finds herself forced into a war. A war where her friends risk their lives and that their seems no way to win...
This is a sequel to "Tithe" which I have not read, but I think it works well as a book on it's own, and doesn't rely too much on you knowing the plot from the first book. Can't wait to read Tithe and to find out more about these characters! It is very good and Holly Black paints an excellent picture of each scene in your head. I really felt like I was in the book! 9/10!!!

Monday, 14 June 2010

Wasted by Nicola Morgan

Wasted is a book about a boy, Jack, who is obsessed by luck. He owns a band called Schrödinger Cats and at the start of the book he is looking for a singer for his band. He takes a trip back to his old school to see the head of music and ask her for some help. But, as if by chance, he hears a girl singing in the music room she has hired out. It was only by luck that she left the door slightly ajar and only by luck that he went the long way to the head of music department and only by luck that she was singing at the time. And this was also a lucky chance for Jess, the singer, because the Schrödinger Cats are going to play at the school prom and this is the opportunity she has been looking for because everyone wants her to continue with her other studies and leave her music behind, but if she can find a good enough reason to carry on with her music, she will grasp the opportunity with both hands. Jack may be obsessed by luck, he doesn’t believe in it. He thinks everything has a logical reason for why it worked out that way, but he even uses a coin to make his important decisions.
It has several heads or tails points in it, and I think these were a very good idea to put in. I hope there is a sequel! 9.7/10!