Tuesday, 30 March 2010

City of Stars - Mary Hoffman

The second book in the Stavaganza series is about a teenage girl called Georgia O'Grady who is transported to another world-16th Century Italy (called Talia)-every night; and all she has to do is hold her model of a horse with wing (her tailsman) and think of Talia. Once there, she meets people who are the same as her and able to travel from England to Talia and she discovers that when she is in 16th century Italy, she has no shadow. While she is in Talia, She also Mulholland, a boy that used to go to her school back in England. He, like Georgia, is a Stavanganzate. She mets a young boy from the enemy, befriends him, and then he tells her that he wants to move permanently to England so he can cure his illness. When he begins to translate, things go from bad to worse... This is another great book from Mary Hoffman and definitely worth reading if you enjoyed the first book. I would rate this book 9.5/10

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