Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Until Wishes Are Fulfilled 2-Alec's Story- Michael Alexander.

I find this book just as good as the first one. It has the same basic idea, but it is really different at the same time. It is full of new magical spells and that same sense of fun as last time. In it, you meet some of the old characters and some new ones.I love all of the creative ideas and wish i could do half of the things the children in this book can do! Is there no end to Michael's imagination? It seems not! It is just as good as the first book and I hope there are many more to come in this series. As last time, I have a friend currently reading this so she can give me her review of the book as well. I would give this book 9.5********* out of 10**********!

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  1. Thank you Lizzie, i loved how much you enjoyed the book, and feel very flattered by your lovely comments.

    Michael :o)