Tuesday, 19 January 2010

The Truth Cookie - Fiona Dunbar

I really enjoyed reading "The Truth Cookie" because it was fun and lively. I liked it because you really got to know the characters in the story and understand all their feelings and motives. I liked the way that everyone in Lulu's family treated each other and that you could clearly understand what was happening. I enjoyed reading about all of Lulu's adventures and the places she went. Her many creative ideas of how to deal with her family were just one of the things that kept me reading. I loved reading this and would recommend it to anyone aged between eight and twelve. I think this would also be suitable for anyone who watched the TV series and enjoyed it.

I would rate this book 9.2********* out of 10**********!!


  1. Great review! Must get this book for my niece.

  2. Oh Lizzie, thank you so much! I'm delighted you enjoyed the book, and hope you like Cupid Cakes and Chocolate Wishes as much! I should point out, for anyone who doesn't know, that the TV series is called 'Jinx', and there are TV tie-in covers of the books as well, with pictures of Gemma Lodge-O'Meally (Lulu) on the cover – there has been some confusion, but they ARE the same books!

  3. This is a wonderful review! I really enjoyed reading it.